Blueberry Oatmeal Bread

​We got this recipe from The Lemon Bowl: Healthy Made Delicious, and boy is their title correct! This bread is healthy and delicious!

Here is the link to the recipe:

We thought this would be a great back-to-school recipe. We followed the recipe exactly as written. We figure we can slice it up and then freeze the individual slices. That way we can have a quick and healthy breakfast on busy mornings.

Vivian: It was yummy. It doesn’t taste healthy, but it is. It is very filling!

Charlotte: I liked the blueberries; they were all over the bread.

Do you have any quick and healthy breakfast recipes? Please share!

Energy Bites

​We decided to try making this recipe so that we can have a quick and easy snack at school. We followed a recipe we found online for a basic one this time. We can change it up if we wind up liking them; more on that later. If we have kids in our class with nut allergies…well, these will be a weekend snack.

They last for a week in the fridge, but we are freezing ours. We wrapped each ball and put them all in a larger freezer bag. That way, we can grab one on our way out the door for school. So far, we have only tasted the dough, and it is tasty.

Charlotte: I don’t even like coconut, but I liked these.

Vivian: Yum! So good!

Here is how to toast coconut (since you need toasted coconut for the recipe). Preheat oven to 350. Spread the coconut on a baking tray (we lined ours with parchment; foil would also work…this way you don’t have to wash the tray afterward). Bake for 3 minutes, then toss the coconut every minute for a maximum of 10 minutes. Watch it carefully. Since the coconut is sweetened, it will burn if you don’t watch it!

Link to recipe:

We added a tablespoon of Chia Seeds; we also did half flax seed, half toasted wheat germ. We used mini morsels.

Let us know if you try these, or have other good school snack ideas. We will let you know if we try a different variation!


Hey! Sorry for not blogging for a long time but we were busy tasting so we’ve got lots of new things to blog about!

Bacon Cheese Puffs Goldfish Review

Charlotte:”Weird… tasty,but weird…”

Vivian: “Good, but also pretty weird.”

Top 5 Trader Joes items- Charlotte

5.Gummy Tummies Penguins

4.Pumpkin Toaster Pastries

3.Yogurt Stars

2. Panda Puff cereal

1.Honey Nut O’s cereal

Top 5 Trader Joes Items- Vivian

5.Gummy Tummies Penguins

4.Yogurt Stars

3.Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies (seasonal item; winter?)

2.Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels

1.Cookie Butter

Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

Charlotte: “Most are good,the grass isn’t bad, but USE THE KEY!!!!! True story: I ,on purpose, tried the earwax one.GROSS!!!!!!! I nearly vomited!”

Vivian: “I like the good ones but it’s fun to try the gross ones.”

Happy tasting! See you guys later!

Pork Tacos with Restaurant Salsa



We used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman website for the pork.  It turned out so tender.  You could do a lot of things with the leftover meat.

And this is our go-to salsa recipe.  Also from Pioneer Woman.  We use the food processor for everything.  But you have to work in batches because it’s too much to fit in the processor at one time.

Vivian:  They were OK.  I wasn’t a fan of the pork.

Charlotte:  I think we should make it again.  It was delicious.

What do you like to put on your tacos?

Beef Stew




Carey:  This recipe took some time to prepare, but it was well worth it.  My kids weren’t the biggest fans of the turnips.  I will have to try a different root vegetable next time.  Overall, though, it was a huge hit and we will definitely make it again and again.  I have tried so many stew recipes where the meat didn’t turn out to be tender.  Finally, I have found a perfect recipe.  I am not even going to try to type out the recipe; it’s perfect as written and the Pioneer Woman does an excellent job of explaining everything.

Vivian:  AWESOME!  I loved it so, so , so much.  The meat got very tender.  And the  vegetables with it were good.

Charlotte:  I liked it and it was really, really good.  I think people should make it.

Do you like beef stew? What vegetables should we try next time?

Meat Roll Up Lunch


Carey:  This is a quick and easy lunch idea.  You can make it look fancy by using party picks.  Toothpicks work too (as long as your kids are old enough not to hurt themselves or others with them).  You can also just skip the pick altogether.


For Vivian’s, I spread a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese over two slices of lunchmeat, rolled it up, and sliced it.  Plain or savory flavored cream cheese would work well too.


Charlotte isn’t a fan of soft cheeses, so I just rolled a cheese stick up in hers.


Vivian:  I like that one.  Especially with the Laughing Cow cheese.  Ha ha ha ha!

Charlotte:  It was tasty.  I would eat it again.

Do you have any interesting lunchbox lunch ideas?

Waffle Sandwich Lunch




Carey:  This is one of those instances where Pinterest led me astray.   I saw some cute lunchbox lunch ideas and someone had made adorable mini waffle sandwiches.  So I went out and bought some of those waffles that are perforated and make mini waffles.  We tried adding peanut butter and bananas to the cinnamon toast mini waffles.  It was a no-go for the girls.  In retrospect, I realize that doesn’t sound like a tasty combo. I should have tried sliced apples and honey.  But even that wouldn’t have saved this meal since they weren’t fans of the overall texture of cold waffles.  Oh well, live and learn!

Vivian:  The waffles were all soggy and cold.  The bananas and peanut butter didn’t taste good with the waffle.  It wasn’t a good combination.

Charlotte:  Pretty good, except the waffles were cold.

What is the worst lunchbox lunch you’ve ever had?